BMA massecuite pumps are best suited for realizing high throughputs with highly viscous massecuites. At maximum speeds below 40 rpm, delivery pressures of up to 10 bar can be reached. Owing to such low speeds, wear is minimized. The following BMA pump types are available:

Type Delivery M3/h
F150 1 – 10
F350 5 – 25
F500 25 – 40
F800 30 – 65
F1000 65 – 100


Advantages and features:

  • Extreme reliability.
  • High throughputs at low impeller speeds.
  • Leak-proof due to mechanical seal.
  • Clearance between seal and antifriction bearing housing protects the bearings and also facilitates inspection.
  • Easily accessible for maintenance.
  • Amply dimensioned connections reduce pressure losses.
  • Trouble-free pumping of high-viscosity massecuites.
  • Overhung impeller for free access to pump components.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.


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