PUTSCH® textile mesh type filters are filters with automatic counterflow cleaning. These filtering systems, closed and pressurized.



  • Filtering the juices coming from the filters of molasses, avoiding their return and increasing the capacity of the clarification station.
  • Security filtering for juice.
  • Fine filtration with addition of filter-aid.
  • Filtering of sulfated or phosphated solutions.
  • The main components of these filters are the base container, the filter holder and the lid. Devices with up to 295 filter elements can be manufactured, achieving a total filtering area of 255 m2 per filter.
  • The filter can be equipped with different kinds of fabrics, depending on the nature of the juice to be filtered.



  • High filtering capacity.
  • Easily programmable controls that simplify the filtering of liquids with different concentrations of solids.
  • The effective counterflow washing system helps maintain a high level of cleanliness.
  • The entire filtering process is carried out with pressure levels between 7.25 and 14.5 p.s.i.g.


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