For decades, BMA has been recognized as the world leader in the development and construction of centrifuges for the sugar industry. With the batch centrifugal of the new “E” series, BMA offers fully revised and refined centrifugal equipments, the experience acquired over decades and modern technology.



  • Up to 8% more throughput.
  • Maximum processing capacity of 2,240 Kgof massecuite per load and up to 28 cycles per hour.
  • High processing capacity with a thin layer of cake (230 mm), which gives excellent results in all operational conditions.
  • Extremely short discharge time thanks to the new single-axis unloader, with no vertical movement and the entire height of the basket, which means more cycles per hour.
  • Minimum sugar residue in the basket to obtain the maximum yield.
  • Syrup separator without internal mechanical elements.
  • Longer basket service life with elliptical openings.
  • Touch-screen control panel by Siemens, with cooling device.
  • Lubrication points easily accessible from the outside.
  • Machinery fully assembled in BMA factory in order to save installation time costs in the sugar factory.
  • Construction design of main componentes fulfilling the most highest international standards.
  • Maximum safety and reliability ith failsafe controls.
  • All product contacted parts made in stainless steel (basket hub in steel or stainless steel).
  • Sistema centrador de canasta que evita el contacto entre el arado y las telas al momento de la descarga. Centralized basket system that avoid any contact between the plow and the fabric when the discharge are executed.
  • Encapsulated emergency brake, avoiding any product contamination.


E-series performance:

Product Characteristics E-1390 E-1810 E-2240
Refined sugar Quantity per batch 1,500 Kg 1,960 Kg 2420 Kg
Batches/h 28 28 28
Throughput up to (*) 42 t/h 55 t/h 68 t/h
White sugar Quantity per batch 1,390 Kg 1,810 Kg 2,240 Kg
Batches/h 28 28 28
Throughput up to (*) 39 t/h 51 t/h 63 t/h
Raw sugar Quantity per batch 1,190 Kg 1,540 Kg 1,900 Kg
Batches/h 26 26 26
Throughput up to (*) 31 t/h 40 t/h 49 t/h

(*) = Subject to factors such as massecuite purity and crystal size


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