For many years PUTSCH® has been the leading manufacturer of juice purification systems for the sugar industry. By continuing to develop carbonation technology and by incorporating Richter Tubes in its carbonation systems, PUTSCH® has developed a modern and efficient juice purification process.



  • High circulation rate of the juice; this is attributable to the optimum distribution of the CO2 and to the difference in density between the juice in the guide tube and the juice in the ring-space of the tank.
  • Finest and most intensive distribution of gas; this produces a more efficient carbonation effect with maximum utilization of gas.
  • Homogeneous mixing; more uniform and faster reduction of alkalinity in the juice during the carbonation process.
  • Improved color removal.
  • Shorter retention-time of the syrup in the highly alkaline range.
  • Improved formation of uniform calcium carbonate crystals; this improves the filterability of the carbonated juice.
  • Easier control of the carbonation process as a result of a more limited range of pH values.
  • Continuous and effective cleaning of the gas slots.


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