One of the most important features of the equipment we offer is its minimum requirements for spare parts. Some of the BMA centrifugal that have been installed in Mexico have not required any type of service or repair in more than 5 harvests, related to continuous centrifugal, and more than 10 years for batch centrifugals. This, of course, is achieved only with the proper operation of our equipment, complying with all the recommendations for operation and maintenance.

We always recommend keeping the equipment with original spare parts, thus ensuring a better operation and long life of these equipment.

In EQUIPOS PARA INGENIOS SA DE CV warehouse we have a wide range of parts susceptible to increased wear, such as fabrics, shock absorbers, bearings, rubber, washers, seals, bands, greases, gaskets, clamps, etc., so if your equipment comes to require a spare, the time it will be out of service will be minimal.

Contact us and we will gladly give you more information about the parts we have at your disposal.