The new VFC-Vertical fluidised-bed conditioner is an attractive compact solution for your sugar cooling needs. The VFC was designed to deliver an outstanding sugar cooling and complementary drying performance. Its excellent conditioning capabilities make the VFC the perfect process step before sugar storage.

The efficient operation and compact design make it suitable for new factories as well as for production increases in existing drying /cooling units. Its also a standalone solution that can be used to improve the sugar conditioning after curing and before loading to improve handling and transportation characteristics by avoiding lump formation. The VFC is based on the well established  fluidised bed technology. Sugar crystals trickle downwards in between internal cooling coils and are kept fluidised by a low counter-current cooling air flow. Carrying off the residual sugar moisture with small amount of deshumified air make the VFC a perfect tool in tropical climates. The applicable size of the VFC is determined by the sugar throughput, the sugar inlet temperature, the required sugar oultet temperature and the cooling water temperature.



  • Excellent heat transfer thanks to the turbulence of the fluidised sugar particles around the cooling surfaces.
  • Additional drying capability.
  • Small footprint for small installation space required.
  • Fluidised bed technology.
  • High thoughput > 100 t/h.
  • Suited for installation in tropical climates.
  • Constant sugar oultet temperature with controlled cooling water temperature.
  • Only small amount of required air.
  • Energy savings by using the exhaust air in upstream drying units.
  • Dust separation.
  • Low maintenance.


Selection process:

When choosing the appropriate size of the VFC, the sugar flow rate, the sugar inlet temperature, the desired sugar outlet temperature, as well as the temperature of the cooling water will be decisive.


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