The SIBOMAT, from PUTSCH®, is a mesh filter with high pressure cleaning and fully automatic. It is applicable for several filtering tasks and especially suitable for liquids difficult to filter due to its high viscosity. Even juices that tend to form a layer on the surface of the filter can be filtered without problems thanks to the PUTSCH® exclusive high-pressure cleaning device.

Depending on the filtering quality requirements, the SIBOMAT can be equipped with a wide variety of meshes between 25 and 500μ.

In sugar mills, the SIBOMAT is used for the elimination of the bagasse from the juice coming from the clarifier to protect the heating surface of the evaporators. The main components of this type of filters are the following: filter container, high pressure cleaning system, programmable control and automatic closing valves.

The cleaning process is automatically initiated by the programmable control. This guarantees high productivity and an optimal filtering surface.


Cane sugar mills and refineries applications:

  • Pre-filtration of sugar melt before juice purification.
  • Pre-filtration before an ultra filtration.
  • Filtration of clarifier overflow.
  • Filtration after color removal.
  • Filtration of thin juice before or between evaporators.
  • Filtration of centrifugal run-off.
  • Trap / Safety filtration.
  • Filtration of refinery process water.



  • Use of filter aids is unnecessary and should NOT be used.
  • Fine filtration down to 550 mesh (25 micron) is possible.
  • High separation ability of solids.
  • Woven fine screen, offering a large open screen area for high throughput.
  • Special cleaning system for the filter area, fights scaling with high pressure up to 1740 psi (120 bar).
  • Fully automatic operating process.
  • Pressure vessel according to ASME Pressure Vessel Code or DIN TÜV.
  • Simple and exceptionally sturdy construction, completely built of stainless steel.
  • Screen basket and fine screen are quickly exchanged.
  • Designed with operating pressure of up to 145 psi (10 bar) depending on version.
  • Status indication possible on the central monitoring system.


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